CG-Lock Seat Belt Cincher Keeps Everyone Safer...

Racers and offroaders use it to drive faster... safer!

Professional drivers use it to maintain better control... safer!

The CG-Lock Seat Belt Cincher was originally designed for street performance vehicles, club racing, rallies, weekend off roaders and public safety vehicles. For those with children, because of its simplicity in design and ease of use, it became an obvious choice for their families’ safety too.

How does CG-Lock Seat Belt Cincher work? It has two settings. In the standby mode, it acts and performs like a normal seat belt. In the secure mode, the lap portion of the seat belt can be cinched as tight as you like, and it remains that way. A release lever on the side makes adjustments quick and easy.

Parents will know their children are safe and secure in their seats.

  • Infant seats... thread buckle through, attach and cinch.
  • Booster seats... place lap belt in place and cinch. Child is secured, but has upper–body freedom that the shoulder belt allows.
  • Adolescents, ‘tweens, teens and adults... buckle in and cinch. The lap belt secures you in place while your upper–body remains comfortable and able to move.

Drivers will find out how much easier it is to drive when they are secured in their seat, particularly during emergency maneuvers on snow, ice, or rain slicked roads. Passengers will ride with less stress, and they are safer, too, in case of an accident. With the increased safety that the SeatTite® cinching systems provides, you can understand why professional drivers have installed it in their family vehicles, too.

Takes only minutes to install.

Does it fit all seat belt configurations?